Our Community has the opportunity to benefit from a Raley’s grant program that will give money to the 10 most popular projects in many regions of California (138 projects submitted in total). Several of our community members have submitted proposals for projects that would benefit The Environment; Health; or Kids and at least 4 proposals have been made for projects at one of our schools or for the entire school district. (There are other Tahoe proposals as well.)
The voting period is May 5 – May 16 (one vote each day per person). (You will need to sign up on Raley’s website but it should be fast and doesn’t oblige you to anything.)
Here are the school-connected nominations that you can vote on:

Coordinated Recycle and Compost Program for South Tahoe Schools
(spread cafeteria composting to entire school district and add educational components plus links to other initiatives)

Water Bottle Refill Stations in schools (one station in every school in our school district)

Plant the seed for change. Sierra House Growing Dome
(year-round living lab to learn about healthy food systems, energy efficient design, ecology, health science, natural sciences; room for community partnerships)

From Trash to Garden
(request for a greenhouse for LT Environmental Science Magnet School)

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