banditThere are wild animals that live in Lake Tahoe and I’m not talking about the ones you’ll find partying at the casinos until 4a.m.

When you own real estate anywhere in the Lake Tahoe area, it’s smart to be smart so you can outfox the bandits. I call these animals bandits because, as you can see from the above picture, they’re out to steal food.  Sometimes, if you don’t take some simple, necessary precautions, they’ll even venture into your house, and that can be a real costly mess.

Here are some simple tips to keep them out:

  • When you leave your property for any amount of time, always, always keep all doors and windows closed and locked, no matter how high off the ground they are
  • Never leave trash outside for an extended period of time, keep lids on garbage cans at all times
  • Never leave a garage door open, especially at night
  • If you find raccoons living under a deck, put soaked rags with Pine Sol and turn on a bright light underneath the deck
  • Leave bears alone, consult org, 530-525-PAWS
  • If you find an injured wild animal call Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, 530-577-CARE




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