Looking forward to our upcoming winter season in beautiful Lake Tahoe…will be exciting to see our area covered in snow like the pic above from last year…weather is changing as of today with snow above 7800 ft. with predictions of lower snow levels by tonight…Heavenly Mountain Resort, is talking about opening on Fri. and Mnt. Rose opened last week!

More than any other season, winter in Lake Tahoe has more diversity to offer visitors and locals alike…from daily changes in snow conditions at our local mountain resorts to changing weather patterns, sometimes in a matter of minutes.

Winter driving tip:  always give yourself much more time to get around when the roads are slick, that way you won’t feel rushed and won’t go too fast for conditions.

Here are the tools to own to keep you happy living in snow country:

  • Snow blower:  8hsp. or more
  • Snow shovel
  • All weather windshield wipers for your vehicle:  they don’t freeze up with ice and snow
  • Tire chains:  even if you have a 4wd vehicle, chains in the vehicle are required when traveling mountain highways and passes (it can be an $85 ticket if you get stopped without them)
  • 4wd. or all wheel drive vehicle:  nice not to have to put chains on and off (if the roads are so bad that I have to chain up my 4wd. vehicle, then I stay home)
  • Not having a led foot:  when driving on snow and ice, keep off the brakes as much as possible and don’t jam on them, use a light touch especially at stop signs or signals
  • Good, warm pair of snow boots 
  • Ice/snow scraper for your vehicle:  I like the kind that have a brush on one end
  • Heat tape for roofs, especially north facing where house and garage come together

Extras for the big, big, wet, windy storms that come every few years:

  • Generator
  • Lamps,  extra wicks, and kerosene
  • Candles

Exciting events are coming up in the next few weeks many centered around the holiday season.  Another good web site to check out is our local Chamber of Commerce.

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