Gardner Mountain

One of the most desired market entry to mid-market neighborhoods is Gardner Mountain. Located near the Y along the edge of the forest, this section of town gives people the convenient access to the outdoorsy lifestyle craved by locals and visitors alike. Whether backed by the national forest, or only a few short steps away, residents of this area enjoy being able to go biking, walking, cross country skiing or hiking in their very own neighborhood. Another perk is that Emerald Bay and the lake are close by as well as shopping, restaurants, nightlife and all the great festivals that take place every year.

Gardner Mountain homes are set on larger lots of 5,000 to 10,000 sq. ft. in size; many with a large depth of feet creating tranquility and privacy in ones very own back yard. While this is a market entry and mid-market neighborhood with several cabins and fixers, there have been newer contemporary homes built here in recent years. The local scenery, large lots and close proximity to everything make this a desirable location for buyers.

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