Lake Tahoe Home Services

We provide homeowners with peace of mind.  Let us make sure things like snow removal, cleaning services, repairs and other maintenance issues are taking care of.


Our Goal
Tahoe Home Services’ goal is to offer a variety of services to homeowners which will provide peace of mind, security, and the freedom to enjoy your home away from home.

Tahoe Home Services will have an initial meeting with homeowners to determine desired services and applicable rates. These services may include, but are not limited to the following:

• Weekly or Bi-weekly home visits
• Arrange for snow removal services
• Check for proper operation of heating and or A/C systems, plumbing, smoke detectors and alarm systems
• Check for proper operation of sprinkler systems
• Visual checks of all rooms to insure against damage or vandalism
• Arrange for home cleaning services, landscaping, etc.
• Personal Assistant Service (groceries on request, special occasion celebrations, DJ services, etc.)

In addition to a bi-weekly (or weekly) home safety / security inspection we make available additional concierge coordination services for you and your home.

Many of our second home owner and clients contact us for assistance throughout the year, for a variety of services of convenience including; home safety and security inspections, snow removal, maid services, pick up and delivery, repairs and home improvement. In response to this growing demand and the need for qualified, competent and coordinated services we have developed Tahoe Home Services as a subsidiary of Deb Howard & Co., Your Lake Tahoe Real Estate Resource.

We welcome and invite you to participate in the services offered by Tahoe Home Services, enjoy the benefits of home ownership without the hassle or worries.

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Tahoe Home Services a subsidiary of Deb Howard & Co.