International Investing in Tahoe

While Lake Tahoe has been a popular destination of International visitors and investors historically, it is becoming ever more so based on a few things that I have observed in addition to my notes on the NAR DC visits;

1. Globalization and immediate access to information expanding the exposure of our resort market to the international market,

2. Access to resorts (you can get here from there)

3. Desirability of 4 seasons resort.

4. As said earlier – Values! safe investment, enjoyment, weather and good exchange rates are driving a lot of new interest.

The move up market of existing foreign investors is another market we are experiencing.

Antidotally I have a couple who are from Singapore who are looking to upgrade from an vacation income property they already own here in Tahoe to another larger grander property to retire to 6 month out of the year. (check on guest/foreign homeowner visitor visas, another good topic to investigate). Water, views, floor plan to accommodate entertaining their friends from around the world and located in a safe or gated community are their top criteria. They also bring with them a whole host of friends and family that will join them in investing in Tahoe.

More to follow.
Deb Howard