Deb Howard & Co Anniversaries

Shannon Witt- 12 year anniversary with DH&Co!! Many accomplishments, chief amongst which is her unparrelled knowledge and her ability to navigate the industry. Her dedication and performance are “Above and Beyond”! But don’t ask us (we may be a bit biased) just check out her testimonials on The results are in and the rave reviews tell the story;  her level of care and service have created clients for life. No greater compliment!  Plus she’s a pretty terrific person who is committed to our communities well being. This is demonstrated in her well earned ascension to the leadership position as our Pres. of the South Tahoe assoc. of Realtors.  ~Congrats and happy anniversary Madam President!

Wally Johnson- 7  year +/-anniversary with DH&Co!! – Wally “the skiing realtor” is known for his passion for winter sports (sometimes extreme). Certainly this long winter season has fed that fire! Commiserate with this however is his passion for real estate as evidenced by his laser focus on the clients needs! From the first meet up, to multiple follow ups… he will step by step work through the opportunities until he finds you “the right  fit”! And you’ll like it!!! We kinda like him too. Congrats Wally & happy anniversary!

Bret Howard- Please welcome Bret as he celebrates his 1 year anniversary with DH&Co.. Bret is a Tahoe native and is “back in town” making this home again. This guy knows Tahoe, knows his neighborhoods and his way around town bringing us all the in-depth and historical knowledge it takes a lifetime to learn. Now he’s applying that knowledge to our industry, certainly not new industry to him it comes with the Howard family. When you reach out to DH&Co, he’s the your first contact and often the voice of DH&Co, he’s ready to take care of your business and his service is invaluable to all of us! I think you’ll agree. Congrats on your anniversary Bret. If you see him, wish him happy B’Day too!  

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